Having your garden designed should be an exciting and inspiring process.  The studio strongly believes in a collaborative approach, getting to the heart of your needs and aspirations for your garden or landscape project.

The studio offers a full design service from concept design through to detailed drawings, planting design, tender documents, appointing landscapers, overseeing the garden build, the installing of plants and bespoke maintenance plans.  We also offer planting design, sourcing and installation services; and design consultations, which act as a starting point for a more fulsome design commission or ideas to transform your garden or landscape.

Full Design Service

Cost is subject to the size and scope of the project and agreed after the briefing stage


  1. The Brief: The design process starts with a site visit and one-to-one discussion about your garden. The aim is to achieve a deep understanding of you and your needs for the garden and an understanding of the site.  Following this in-person meeting, a full brief, outlining the fee structure for the project, the design process and a comprehensive summary of everything to be achieved through the design.
  1. Survey and Site Analysis: Following the agreement of the brief,  a full topographical survey of the garden is carried out by a qualified surveyor – capturing the accurate size, layout and levels of the site. Alongside this, an in-depth site analysis is conducted to understand the unique conditions of the site.
  1. Concept Design: The brief, survey and site analysis is used to develop a concept design for your garden. This includes mood boards to convey the design concept, overall look and feel of the garden; planting palettes; the proposed masterplan design for the garden and 3D visuals to allow you to see an impression of the proposed design.
  1. Detailed Design: Following feedback and a round of amends, if required, the concept design is developed into a detailed design.  This includes detailed drawings, needed for the garden to be constructed, as well as material specifications.
  1. Planting Plan: The planting plans are essential for the planted design elements of each part of your garden.  Planting plans will show the exact species and quantities used for costing, ordering and the design lay out of the plants.
  1. Tender and Site Inspection: We work with you to select the most suitable landscape contractor to tender for the building of your garden.  We provide the specifications and detailed drawings to each of the landscapers who are tendering for the project and work closely with you to review and select the best landscaper based on their proposals.   Once the build commences,  we offer the service of regular site visits to monitor progress, respond to changes and ensure that the garden is being built to the design specifications.  This can also be carried out remotely, subject to the location of the garden.
  1. Plant Installation and Maintenance Plan: We believe that the plant installation is the final stage in the planting design process. Therefore, the studio offers a full plant install service overseen by Pandora. The on-going care of the garden is of vital importance, so we provide a tailored maintenance plan that details the care required for each element of the garden, across the seasons.

Garden Design Consultations

Starting from £350 + Vat

We offer design consultations of up to 2hours to discuss your garden or landscape project in person or remotely (subject to location).  We’ll ask you to provide images of your site in advance and information (answering a short questionnaire).  These consultations act as a starting point for our garden and planting design services, or a one stop shop for ideas to refresh your garden or landscape.  Following the meeting you’ll be sent a summary of ideas and recommendations.   


Planting Design, sourcing and install

Cost subject to size of garden and planting beds

For clients looking to breathe new life into their garden or landscape, the planting design service is the perfect option.

  • Site visit and brief carried out in person or online, subject to location. We discuss what you’re wanting to achieve and carry out a measured survey of the area to be designed and planted (to be supplied by clients who are carrying out the consultation online).
  • Planting palette, this shows the design approach, including the look and feel, style, colour scheme and plant varieties. This is reviewed together and any feedback incorporated.
  • Planting plans and costing. Scaled planting plans are produced to include plant quantities, species and variety and the design layout.   From these, plant schedules are created and used to get accurate costings for the sourcing of the plants, to be reviewed and agreed by the client.
  • Plant install and maintenance plan. The plants are ‘set out’ and installed by Pandora and a planting team (as required). A bespoke maintenance plan is created to ensure the most appropriate after care for the future life of the newly planted area.